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KC Peaches Standard Commercial Use License

Thank you for your purchase from!  This document outlines how you can use the item(s) purchased for both personal and commercial use.  We define an item as a graphic or design unless it is otherwise specified.

NOTE:  If you would like to use an item for high volume production (or any volume of print on demand, you MUST purchase a High Volume License from KraftasticCreations for each individual item purchased.

What is allowed?

  • Use of any item for personal and commercial use.  You may use it for yourself or create something with the item that you are selling.  This includes local and online sales.
  • Graphics or designs may be used, without  alteration, in the creations of a finished physical product that is being sold.

What is not allowed, whether offered free or for sale?

  • The item, in its original digital format as purchased from KraftasticCreations may not be resold, sub-licensed, transferred, shared, or otherwise re-distributed in its original digital format.
  • The item may not be included in the sale of another item.
  • Graphics and digital designs may not be used and sold as part of a new commercial-use digital design even when layered with other designed or flattened.
  • Item may not be used with print-on-demand services in any volume without a High Demand License (sold separately)
  • Item may not be used for High Volume Production (above 500 copies) without a High Volume License.
  • Digital cut files may not be digitized and re-sold as embroidery files
  • Use of KraftasticCreations' images of the item or of the finished product to promote or market your product.

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