KC High Volume Commercial License $300+

To purchase a KC High Volume License email  licensing@kraftasticcreations.com and include the name or SKU number of the item that you are seeking to license.

The KC High Volume License allows the single purchaser to use a single and specifically named item, for which the High Volume License is purchased and issued for, for personal and commercial-use purposes including high volume production (over 500) and print-on-demand.  We define an item  as a graphic or design unless otherwise specified.

Not all items on KraftasticCreations are eligible for a High Volume License.  If a High Volume License is available for an individual item, it will be listed in the item's description, along with the price.

A High Volume License must be purchased for each individual item in which you, as the purchaser, would like to use in the following way.

Allowed Uses

  •   Use of specifically named item for commercial use high volume production and print on demand.  This means you may include the named item in both local and online sales at a volume of higher than 500 units
  • Item may be used with print-on-demand services in any volume with an Enterprise License
  • Item may be used for High Volume Production (above 500 copies)
  • The item may be used, without alteration,  in the creation of a finished product that's sold

Not allowed, whether for sale or free

  • Item itself, in its original digital form as purchased from KraftasticCreations, may not be resold, sub-licensed, transferred, shared or otherwise re-distributed in its original digital form
  • Item may not be included in the sale of another item
  • Graphics and digital designs may not be used and sold as part of a new commercial-use digital design even when layered with other designs or flattened
  • Digital cut files may not be digitized and re-sold as embroidery files
  • Use of KraftasticCreations' images of the item or of the finished product to promote or market your product

If you have additional questions or you would like to purchase a KC High Volume License, please email us at licensing@kraftasticcreations.com and include the name of the item or SKU number that you are seeking to license.